The Breadwinner

Deborah Ellis

Parvana is a fine young eleven year old girl, living under the oppressive and sexist shadow of the Taliban in Kabul, Afghanistan. Her father makes enough money to run their small home and food for their family of six.
When Parvana's father is arrested by the Taliban, Parvana is forced to impersonate a boy to bring money and food to the table. But will Parvana ever see her father again? Will she ever be able to go to school and be a normal joyful girl that she is? Or will she suffer the consequences when the Taliban catches her? Follow Parvana and her powerful journey in The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis and see if this Malali can make the wounded solders get up and fight for what is truly theirs.

Human Rights Violation

The Breadwinner is an excellent example of a violation of our human rights. The Taliban forbade any women to be outside of their home with out a bur-qua and the supervision of a man. This is a violation because all men and women are and should be equally treated through out the world.

About the Author

Deborah Ellis

Deborah Ellis, a Canadian born author of 22 books. The books My Name is Parvana and Parvana's Journey are also part of The Breadwinner Trilogy.