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Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We would like to continue to share the achievements of our students during this uncertain time. Each week we will include new ideas for student challenges to do at home, nominations of students who we are celebrating in each subject, and updates from the home learning team. If you have done a piece of work you are really proud of, or have completed one of our challenges and would like to share it in Snapshot next week, please email this to with the title of the email being 'Snapshot', including a short description of your work, and we will choose a selection to share.

Snapshot News:



Nominated this week are Ellie D in Year 8 for her resilience in her learning loop quizzes, always re-doing them if she doesn’t get 100% on her first try. Also well done to Mrs Van Der Lith’s Year 7 group for being the class to complete the most quizzes last week!

Year 7 students Shane, Greta, Dylan, Arina, Oliver P, Toby, Kara Harry W and Year 8 students Matthew C, Kai, Ruben, Hollie, Yunus, Kiera T, Gabriela and Eva for excellent results on their assignment.

Year 9 students Avantika and Jack who achieved 100% on this weeks’ tasks.


This week's English nominations are:

Year 10 Drama - Mya F for an excellent answer in her last assignment

Year 9 English - Milana B, Alex P, Ben Mc, Sammah F, Daniel C, Jenna, Dylan, Kian B, Wiktor W, Jack B and Brian B for their gothic stories.

Year 10 Media - Mya, Dragos, Patryk and Marli for hard work in their Media assignments.

Year 8 English - Jamila V, Ruben and Tanya R for wonderful effort in their gothic paragraphs.


The following Year 10 students achieved fantastic marks on their Geography assignment: Gaby, Lily, Sam C, Alyssa, Ryan F and Carmen. Also well done to 10A and 10D Geography groups for excellent assignments.

The following students received full marks on their Geography assignment last week and they completed the extension tasks, Gretil, Harry-Lee, Lacey, Olivier J, Chloe, Kyle, Ellouise, Mariyah, Olivia P, Maya and Marian.

Well done to Year 7 students Mariyah, Olivia P and Kyle for fantastic History assignments.


Our Science team have nominated the following students this week:

Year 10 students Lucas N and Kiero for a great contribution in the new style lessons.

Year 7 students Lucy D, Lily, Kyle, Zhivko, Olivier P and Oliver J for good assignment work.


Nominated this week are:

Year 10 students Klaudia, Jermaine and Arnas for excellent assignments.

Year 8 students Rhema and Emma P for writing outstanding café dialogues.

7SW for completing the most in Spanish this week.

Year 8 students Myrtle, Annie, Ella C, Ana, Isabel, Melissa and Jonathan for fantastic café dialogues.

Computer Science:

Well done to Year 10 student Toby for his careful analysis of a client’s brief in Creative iMedia. Toby’s response included clear justification to back up his points making his points more persuasive. Also nominated are Year 10 students Rhys and Arnas for their excellent responses to an exam question which both showed a high level of technical understanding and confidence.

Design and Technology:

Well done to Year 7 students Toby R and Louisa who completed the DT work and assignment within a couple of hours of Mr Hirst uploading it. Excellent work!


Nominated this week are Year 8 students Tanya, Myrtle and Dylan C for excellent work on their PE assignment.

Snapshot Student Challenges:

Each week we will be setting you some extra challenges on Snapshot to do at home. Send us pictures of your successes to: to share in our next edition.

Life Skills Challenge

How good are you at listening and following instructions? Sit back to back with someone in your household and ask them to draw something simple, and explain what they are doing as they do it…try to recreate their art work just by listening to the instructions. Send us pictures of the original and your copy!

Creative Commission

Inspired by National Writing Day 2020 that was earlier this week, have a go at the 24/7 challenge. Write a story starting with, ‘One day…’ that is only 24 words long. Try to write this in 7 minutes! Send us a photo of your story. For more information see:

Enrichment Inspiration

Create some music from ‘junk’! See what music you can create from objects around your home. For some inspiration, see the STOMP video here.
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Weekly Winners

June 15th – June 21st

Highest number of students taking quizzes – 7ST
Highest number of quizzes passed – 7ST, 7SW & 7TE
Highest number of words read – 7TE

Focus Feature:

Each week we have featured what our teaching staff have been doing during, this week we are featuring our support staff who have shared with us pictures of their pets.

Careers News:

Careers information is being sent through Tutor groups in Teams and our Careers Advisor Julie Thompson can be contacted for advice by either parents or students via email at: