Giver Scociety vs. The US

Which would you rather live in

Release or Death

In the giver community they release:(kill rule breakers/the old) people and you don't know what death is, but in the US you would live knowing you are going to die one day. Well In the giver society you would not know that it will happen and you won't have to be scared about the fact that you are going to die someday. In the US you will know that you are going to die but at least you probably won't be murdered. I think that I would just go with the US if I had a choice, because I just like to know things. What would you choose?

What Its Like to only see black and white

Sameness or Differience

In the giver community they have something called sameness and that means there is no whether, and no color. Luckily, in the US they have hills, color, and weather! The good thing about the giver community is that you will never have to feel the pain of a sunburn, unless you are the receiver of memory of course. Wouldn't that would be pretty cool to you readers. Right? On the other hand, yes in the US you would have a sunburn or two every year. The giver community doesn’t even have music. The music part I did not bring up until now, because now it makes your choice even harder. Anyways I still would choose the US, because if it were the giver community video games would not be in color or even exist. What would you choose?

What it is like to see color

Should I be able to pick my job?

In the giver community they pick your jobs for you, but in the US you get to chose your own job. I don't think it would be all bad if someone chose your job for you,because then you could feel special. On the other hand in the US you can chose your lifelong choice for a job and not some evil job someone else has to choose for you. In total I am almost sure I am staying in the US, and I am pretty sure that you would stay in the US also. Wouldn't you?

Now You Choose

In the last few paragraphs I have given you facts about boath the US and the giver town. I have listed what I chose. Now it's your turn. You have been given enough information, you should choose whether or not you would live in the giver town. Below this Paragraph there are two different chioces. The US, and the giver town are those chioces. In total I would like you to choose the one you would rather live in.

Page Numbers

Ceremony of 12(When they pick your job):80