Don't Give Up, Don't Give In

The Louis Zamperini story


The story was in Japan, Middle of know where in the Pacific Ocean, Torrance California. Also USC ( University of Southern California ). Germany for the 1936 Summer Olympic games and Japan for the 1940.


As a young boy, Louis drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes, and got caught stealing a lot. He got over that when his brother introduced him to track. WWII was started and he got drafted. First years went fine then his plane wreck and he lived in a stranded raft for a month a little more. He survived that but got taken in by the Japanese. POW of war for any years and survived.


Louis became a world wide know hero and track star. Won olympic gold metals and was known for his famous last lap time. He was a hero to the U.S.A and a role model to some. Without this wonderful story and wonderful man. Where would America be right now
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