New Parent

By: Fadoma Hassan

Childproof Checklist for Crawling Babies

-Erect fencing around any pools or other bodies of water on the premises.-Install window guards or window stops.-Secure to the walls with safety straps or brackets any furniture and appliances that could fall over, such as bookcases and televisions.-Cover hard and sharp edges of furniture with padded guards.-Block access to unsafe areas, such as stairways, radiators or floor heaters, with door locks and safety gates.-Block openings in railing with a mesh safety guard.-Place a padded cover over the bathtub spout and line the tub floor with a nonslip mat.-Put safety covers on stove knobs.-Secure refrigerator and oven doors, low drawers and cabinets and toilet lids with safety latches.-Cover outlets, power strips and wiring with safety guards, and store electrical appliances unplugged and out of reach.-Eliminate or put out of reach items that are small enough for your child to put into his mouth (generally anything that would fit into a cylinder 1 1/4 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches long).-Stow knives, breakables, medicines, toxic agents, gas fireplace keys, matches and other dangerous items out of reach.-Keep trash in a safety-latched cupboard.-Remove tablecloths.-Consult your state poison control center for a list of poisonous plants and remove any in your home or yard that are toxic.-Remove long cords on draperies or blinds.-Mark sliding glass doors with decals.

Five Tips for Breastfeeding Pain Relief

Soothe soreness>Learn the latch>Feed frequently>Go hot and cold>Watch for warning signs
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