begin with the end in mind...upcoming events...

5/9-5/11- STAAR testing

5/11- Faculty meeting: action teams, School Nurse Day

5/12- data team meeting after school in the viewing area

5/13-CRMS due to Holly, Battle of the Books in cafeteria-4th grade

be proactive...morning duty this week


gym 1: Argueta/Kissling

gym 2:Thompson/Jackson

sharpen the saw...clubs this monday




happy birthday to you...may birthdays!

May 3: Jacqueline Shaw

May 13: Julie Garza

May 15: Alissa Williamson

May 22: Melanie Hall

begin with the end in mind...upcoming events...

5/14-Barnes and Noble event

Week of 5/16-Clarity Survey (technology)

5/16-Jenae out AM, 4th grade field trip to the Alamo

5/17-Faculty Advisory Committee meeting, Leadership Fair

5/18-Third grade field trip

5/19-Jenae @ Principal meeting, 1st grade reading restaurant @ 1:15, Track and Field @ 4:15

5/20-Field Day

5/21- Robotics Showcase 12:15-2:45 pm

5/23- Battle of the Books after school, CIC

5/24-Jenae out for training, San ANtonio Public Library (Brook Hollow Branch) assemblies 8:30-11:30

5/25-Faculty meeting: RTI, 4th grade Wax Museum

5/26-Kinder "garden" party @ 8:45m Tara Olfers wedding shower after school in library

5/27-2nd grade field trip (switch specials with 1st) 5th grade market day, art a la carte, Lighthouse meeting @ 7:15

5/30- Memorial Day

5/31-5th grade pool party

6/2-Last day for students, 5th grade ceremony

Congrats to Jennifer, Jenness and Paul! We are so happy you are part of the Thousand Oaks Family!

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