The civil rights movement

1964 civil rights act

on June 1963 John f. Kennedy he gave a speech the the television for the importance for all civil Americans. He then asked congress to create an act (law) that proctected the freedoms of African Americans by outlawing the law.

1967 lester madox

He was a really strict segregationist who became Governor of Georgia in 1967.He once putdown his own restaurant business Pickrick cafeteria. He was also a a Georgia Governor and he hired alot of African Amercians.

1946: end of white primaries

As he is the Governor of Georgia, Ellis Arnall enforced the decision of judge at court to stop the unfair practice of the white primaries which they didnt let the black voters vote. However the county still give rural counties a huge advantage,which is a big population of the racist voters lived in georgia.

Herman Talmadge

Herman Talmadge was a racist governor who supported segregation.He became governor who supported segregation. He became governor during the controversy. His dad won the 1946 governors race in November.

Benjamin Mays

AS he was the president of a university he was also the mentor of Martin Luther King in 1936 Dr Mays traveled India and visited Mohandis Ghandi and learned Ghandis philosophy of non violent protests and boycotts.


1963 march on Washington One hundred years after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, over 250,000 citizens walked to the Lincoln memorial. Dr. King would earn the Nobel Peace prize and the march on Washington was an amazing point on the civil right movement