Monday Memo


Tami and Howard

Although Tami is probably too young to have watched Super Friends growing up, Tami and Howard are the Wonder Twins in the eyes of a science teacher at Classen SAS.

I really appreciate the help of Tami and Howard on the IT thank you day at Classen? They were awesome especially Tami in helping with the google classroom. Great team of people connected to IT.

Linda Barnett

Neal Kellogg

Principal Schroeder giving a shout out to Neal on his quick actions to get a site unblocked. What's funny is that this is a 'district curriculum' and this is the first time that someone has shined a light on the block. hmmmm, are schools not using district supplied digital curriculum???

While Neal was here, we learned that teachers were blocked from studies weekly social studies curriculum online. He immediately sat down and started working the problem! It's done!!

Client Services

According to Principal Messer at Jefferson, "I have one very overjoyed teacher!!"

This is in regard to last week's Monday Memo for a teacher at Jefferson that had a very old computer. Great and easy customer service win.

Russell Lacek

As many of you know, State mandated online assessments are a big deal, especially in an enterprise as large as the USS Oklahoma City (Yes, I mixed my metaphors). Russell, for the past few years, as done an outstanding job of creating and coordinating a simple and effective test readiness system and it rocks. Other districts around the state are looking to his expertise as they want to adopt a similar strategy. For this shout out, Russell presented to Building Test Coordinators, newly hired this year to coordinate site testing efforts.

Russell –

Thanks for everything you did yesterday!

We really appreciate all you do for PRE and testing!

Thanks again!

Pat Elam, Ph.D.

Network Services

We now have the capability to support package pushes from Altiris outside the corporate network. Back in late September, Principal Duffy from Jackson called and asked about admin right on his computer as he was at a botball tournament. We have a package that we can push to do this, but he's off network and Altiris agent doesn't communicate off site. In the end, Russell did some secret voodoo magic and got it working, but having off-site capability will do wonders for us in the future.

From CS Weekly Status Update:

(Cloud Enabled Management) CEM is finally configure for all staff laptops… Big thanks to Randy, Paul, Thao, and Heath for each of their contributions


STAR Assessments - Secondary

Monday, Nov. 9th, 8am to Friday, Nov. 20th, 4:30pm

This is an online event.

Secondary Reading and Math Assessments delivered by Renaissance Learning. Leigh Parks is contact now that Passion Bradley has resigned.

IT Leadership - DATE CHANGE

Friday, Nov. 20th, 9am

1134 Northwest 8th Street

Oklahoma City, OK

Moving date since Digital Promise will be with us for 3 days, M-W

Thanksgiving Luncheon

Friday, Nov. 20th, 11am-1pm

900 North Klein Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK

The annual Central Office potluck is scheduled for Friday November 20, 2015 at 11:00am – 1:00pm in the Cafeteria. This is an opportunity to fellowship with staff members and celebrate the end of the United Way Campaign! The District’s leadership team will purchase the turkey and dressing for the staff, IT/PRE are asked to bring drinks, ice (soda, water, tea etc.) (Isn't there an ice machine in the cafeteria?

Please use the below Google form to sign up for items you will bring. Thank you in advance for participating in this luncheon.

On the day of the luncheon please drop off items in the Cafeteria starting at 10:15 am – a Communications Office staff member will be on hand to check in the items and prepare for the luncheon.

If you have questions, please call Deisy Escalera (405.587.0275) or stop by the Communications Office.


Blended Learning Task Force

It is the vision of the Superintendent to have a blended learning school, whereby students will have control of instructional path, pace, and place. It's an exciting concept, but a LOT of planning needs to take place to open a new brick and mortar facility, whether that be a vacant/leased OKCPS property or a store front location. Neal, Tami, and I are members of that task force. Furthermore, the district has adopted FuelED as the new online learning curriculum provider for full time students, supplemental course delivery, credit recovery, and blended learning, replacing Connections Learning
The Basics of Blended Learning

An oldie but a goodie. It was made in 2011 at the advent of the blended learning concept. Basics are still relevant though.

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