Mrs.McDonald's Newsletter

May 23-27, 2016



  • We will be having our district assessments this week. The students will read two versions of Stone Soup and then will compare and contrast the versions. They will also be identifying the story elements of one of the stories.


  • The students will be writing a narrative story for their district assessment. They will respond to the following prompt: "Think about a favorite character from a book that you have read. Write about an adventure you go on with that character."

Parts of Speech:

  • To practice and review the different parts of speech we have covered this year, the students will be creating a Parts of Speech Flip Book. This book will focus on nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns.

Word Study:

  • There will be no word study homework for the rest of the year.
  • The students will continue to practice finding the meaning of words by using context clues in a sentence.


  • This week in math we will be learning about fractions. This is an extremely short section (only four lessons) and we will be having a test on it this Friday. It will cover equal parts (of a whole and of a set), unit fractions, and fractions that equal a whole or one.


  • The students have been working extremely hard the last two weeks to put together our Geology Museum culmination. They are working in small groups (two students from our CREW and two from Mrs. Bockstruck's CREW) to present on processes that shape the Earth and Earth's landforms. They are also planning hands-on activities or experiments to help explain their topics. The topics will cover erosion, weathering, volcanoes, landslides, tsunamis, and landforms. The students will be performing songs and poetry after the museum exhibits.
  • The culmination will be on Wednesday (May 25th) from 1:15-2:15 p.m. We will host the culmination on the blacktop by the playground. However, you will still need to check-in at the office.

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, May 25th: Geology Culmination (1:15-2:15)
  • Tuesday, May 31st: Shirts need to be turned in for tie dying
  • Wednesday, June 1st: Early Release