Life Story

Gianna's Life

Gianna was born on June 14th, 2002 in Houston, Texas. As a child she loved to try new things, because shortly after she was born her family moved to San Antonio, Texas.

Gianna went to Bulverde Creek Elementary school, and she had wonderful teachers. But it wasn't until fifth grade that she was in GT.

Her next few years at Tejada Middle School and Johnson High School were great, and she successfully graduated high school and went to her dream college , The University of Texas(UT), she studied Paleontology and Zoology for two years, and for the next two years she also studied Archaeology.

Soon after she graduated college she decided that she wanted to be three things, a Paleontologist, a zoologist, and an Archaeologist.

Gianna is still living a happy life as she works as an Explorer, looking for artifacts and fossils, and takes care of animals at her zoo in Orlando, Florida.

My Philosophy of Life

My Dream Team