Technology Treasures

Updated February 2019

The Pirate Cove (PES Media Center) offers many resources to improve student learning.

Which one would you like to learn about in order to enhance your curriculum? Pick from the following choices:

  • Accelerated Reader – setting goals, certifications, testing limits, and conferencing
  • MackinVia E-books – finding reading ranges, using backpacks, and research tools
  • Destiny Library Search Catalog – books, e-books, and databases
  • Worldbook Online Encyclopedia – research and games for even for the youngest learners
  • Learning Ally - audio book library for ESE and/or RTI students
  • Schoology - What is it and how to get started?
  • Teachingbooks.Net – a district paid website for children’s literature
  • Office 365 Advantage at Home and One Note for Beginners
  • What’s in the Book Room?
  • Favorite Free Apps: Padlet, Socrative, Buncee, Epic, KeepVid, Kahoot, Book Creator, and Book Taco.

Access these treasures from the PES Pirate Cove Website and learn more below.

Accelerated Reader – setting goals, certifications, testing limits, and conferencing

Link to AR Training 16-17 - this digital flyer contains information related to AR implementation at Palencia. It also includes links and videos directly from Accelerated Reader.

Certification goals are different from the Reading Practice goals that are set in the Reading Practice Goals Record Book. If you set certification goals and enable the TWI Monitoring Preference, Accelerated Reader will automatically award the appropriate certifications to students as the students meet the requirements. You can also add certifications manually if you prefer to disable the TWI Monitoring Preference.

MackinVia E-books – finding reading ranges, using backpacks, and research tools

PES students and families have access to 1700 e-books to read via MackinVIA. Some books are interactive, some can be used as a read aloud, while others are simply a standard book to be read online. The link below is a video introduction to this e-book platform. The PES Pirate Cove purchases the majority of the e-books that are part of the MackinVia platform. Some e-books are multi-user while the others are single user check-out. Username = E-number (s-number for students) and the Password = school/district log-in.

Destiny Library Search Catalog – books, e-books, and databases, digital newspaper

DESTINY - Link to Palencia's Library Catalog to search for our school's resources.
~To log-in Username: Student Number or Teacher e-number both with the “s” or “e” Password: same password used to log-in to laptops (it will change if you change your password.)
  • Search for books
  • Create a list
  • Monitor what you have checked-out
  • View or create a collection of resoueces

Worldbook Online Encyclopedia – research and games for even the youngest learners

WorldBook Online is an excellent subscription encyclopedia database resource for research for all ages @ PES. World Book is the first place to start your research for reliable, appropriate student friendly information. You can easily access Palencia's subscription from the media center website. The username is palencia and the password is pirates. The Early World of Learning is a fun place to introduce kindergarten and first graders to many learning skills.

Learning Ally - audio book library for students who need reading accommodations

Teachers across the nation are discovering how easy it is to help students with print disabilities read, learn and succeed. A national nonprofit, Learning Ally provides the world's largest library of human narrated books produced for students with disabilities. Teachers can share this vast collection of accessible educational content with their students, providing truly differentiated instruction to suit individual learning styles. They can also monitor students' progress, help them read at grade level for the long term and stay on track with their peers.

If you have students who you feel will benefit from this program, please contact the PES Media Center or the PES ILC. We can add students to the program based on their eligibility and request the software be put on to student devices.

Schoology - What is it and how to get started?

Schoology is like Edmodo but so much more. It is a fully integrated Learning Management System. Last year we piloted the program and the district adopted the program this year for middle school, high school and district employees for PLC/PD. Because we were a pilot school, you do not need to set up a free account. Everyone at Palencia already has an account that is accessible with your Microsoft 365 credentials (e-number email and school system password).
Schoology Overview

Teachingbooks.Net – a district paid website for children’s literature is an easy-to-use website that adds a multimedia dimension to the reading experiences of children's and young adult books. The online database is developed and maintained to include thousands of resources about fiction and nonfiction books used in the K–12 environment, with every resource selected to encourage the integration of multimedia author and book materials into reading and library activities. The password for students and parents is stjohnsfl. St. John's county teachers can access the site by clicking on Educator Login and use their district email address. The link below will give you and introduction to this literature resource.

Office 365 Advantage at Home

Did you know that The Advantage program allows our district to provide Office 365 ProPlus FREE to active teachers and students? This program gives our students and teachers access to the latest full version of Microsoft Office at home at no additional cost. Here's how to put this into action for yourself.

What’s in the PES Book Room?

You can check out materials such as:
  • 3-5 grade small group novel sets (5-10 books per set)
  • Math manipulatives and scales
  • Leveled readers for guided reading instruction
  • Whole class book sets

Buncee - creation and presentation tool

Buncee is a creation and presentation tool for students and educators to create interactive classroom content, allowing learners of all ages to visualize concepts and communicate creatively. This program or App is similar to creating a PowerPoint but has the visual content readily available for students to use without having to search for images on the internet. It is intuitive and easy to use then other presentation software and is friendlier for presenting content too.

Epic - free ebooks for your classroom

Epic is like Netflix for children's books. The e-book platform is provided free to educators and supported by home subscriptions.


  • Gives instant access to the world’s largest digital library of high-quality fiction and nonfiction for kids 12 and under
  • Includes personalized reading recommendations for each child based on individual reading preferences and abilities
  • Reading logs to track student progress
  • Available on iPads, iPhone, Android devices, and on any computer or desktop

You can read on Epic! at home, with a $4.99 subscription. Access a great list of holiday books and more for 30 days free at home. Click here.

KeepVid - download videos for offline access

KeepVid allows you to download videos from the internet and save them to your computer or an external drive. Simply copy the video url and paste it into the KeepVid window. Click download and choose your option for the size or quality of your download. Right click and save your video to your computer.

Kahoot - quizzing platform

Kahoot is a free quizzing platform that can be used and played with multiple devices connected to the internet.

Socrative - quizzing platform

Socrative is a great way to use technology for formative assessments with any type of internet device. It is your app for fun and effective classroom engagement. Get instant insight into student learning with easy-to-create quizzes, polls, exit tickets and more! There is a free and a pro edition for educators.
Socrative Overview - Snow

Padlet - online sharing platform

Padlet is an online virtual “bulletin” board, where students and teachers

can collaborate, reflect, share links and pictures, in a secure location.

Padlet allows users to create a hidden wall with a custom URL. Padlet

creators can also moderate posts, remove posts, and manage their board 24/7. Padlet is free and easy to use! Padlet for Beginners

Book Creator App in Chrome

Book Creator has been around for I-pad for a while now. It is a comprehensive way to write, create and publish books or projects. Now you can use Book Creator in Chrome as a App or web based. The process results in an e-book that has the look and feel of an actual book. Links to books can be put in other platforms like MackinVia. You can maintain 40 books for free.
Book Creator for Chrome

Book Taco

Book Taco is a FREE online resource that motivates students to read more books. Designed to serve as the interactive platform for student choice book programs, Battle of the Books, summer reading, or customized classroom book lists, Book Taco will encourage greater student participation while providing educators a dynamic dashboard where they can monitor student reading progress, assign activities, reward effort and consolidate student reviews.

Classroom Screen

ClassroomScreen is a free digital screen that has classroom gadgets like a timer, volume control, clock, text, symbols, random draw and more. It is quick and easy to use.

Palencia Elementary Media Center - The Pirate Cove

The mission of the library media program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas, information and technology. Creating a foundation for lifelong learning is at the heart of our program, so that we are prepared to set sail into tomorrow’s world.