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Most Beautiful Journey On Tranquil And Calm Backwater Of Kerala

Kerala mesmeric landscape of south allures eyes and mind of sojourners proffering them calm and serene ambience away from the hustle and bustle of city traffic, congestion, pollution and routine life. State is bestowed with numerous destinations where travelers can easily find out peace. Wildlife regions, sapphire colored water, golden color sand on beaches, brackish lagoons, lush green meadows, radiant waterfalls, angelic shrines and Ayurvedic massage therapies. Each and every place is brimmed with number of adventurous activities for adventure seekers. Backwater region of Keralite region are visited by several visitants because of its lush green vistas.

Formation of Backwaters

Network of elongated backwater includes 38 rivers, canals (natural and manmade), five large lakes, lagoons and estuaries covering half length of provincial region. Lakelets are formed from the sea shore currents creating a low barrier on mouth of rivers flowing towards Western Ghats.

Usage of Backwater Regions in Previous Period

Earlier when means of transport was not introduced in huge way these backwater areas were used for transportation of rice and spices across every part of world. Tones of paddy and herbal plantations were taken in old and traditional form of Ketuvalams. As development was on its way in full and fledged methodology these Ketuvallams lost their importance and merely just became a history and backwater regions were seen deserted.

Ketuvallams used as Houseboats

People living in landscape of Keralite region thought to refurbish the traditional boats in a new way. Boats have became floating cottages for adventurers with sleeping areas, western style toilets, kitchen for preparing food, living area and staff accompanying trippers during their journey. All the boats are motorized but are maintaining slow speed so that wayfarer can enjoy elegant beauty of surroundings and have smooth trip. Ketuvallmas are bestowed with generators and air-conditioned bedrooms. If one wants to switch off electricity then lanterns are also provided to them for a rural environment and picture.

Alappuzha, Kollam, Kuttanad, Kottayam, Thiruvallam, KozhiKode are major Kerala Tourist Places where globetrotters can go and explore calming panorama of “God’s Own Country”

Enjoy marvelous outing with family and friends or newlyweds can even plan their honeymoon trip in awestruck destinations of Keralite administration.