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May 23-27, 2016


Teacher/Student Library Obligations:

Laptops and calculators are due from May 16-26th, unless in Mr. Wassom's chemistry class, Mrs. Bassett's, and Ms. Lane's class, as they are needed for finals. Calculators may be turned in after finals as well. ALL DUE by end of day Thursday, May 26th.

TEACHERS: If you have a place to lock up the items, you may keep them in your classroom. (Leaving them in the classroom with a locked door doesn't count. It may be used or left open during the summer for cleaning & summer school.) Mrs. Griffis provided a status report and placed in your mailbox, You will sign, date, and note you are keeping the item. Also state if anything is wrong with the item/s. Give signed status report to Mrs. Griffis, otherwise please return items to the library.

Cafeteria Obligations:

Please make sure you do not have any outstanding obligations.

And the rest of the story:

No more tardies or roaming students! Get tardy slip from Mrs. B.

May 25-26 Senior Class Trip & Skip Day

May 27 Graduation/Early Release for Students


May 24- May 26 Final Exams

Renaissance Marking Periods

May 23-27 Math Star

Happy Birthday!


Chaston Kubacak 2

Dariela "Dottie" Reyna 6

Kody Kuhl 7

Amanda Sifuentes 11

Kurt Shelman 17

Lisa Vanek 17

Becky Kubacak 22

Sherrie Lee 22


Kristen Chapman 2

Debbie Hughes 5

Mari Buenrostro 12

Nicki Krueger 13

Jeffrey Price 19

Jennifer Fudge 30


Victor Willis 2

Brenda Castaneda 15

Carol Samaniego 16

Nikki Marek 21

Joseph Musterman 28

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User name: grangerisd

Password: worldbook

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Student log in information: User: fullname, Password: student ID #

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Willis Keeping Us Informed

May 23, 2016

Parents Sue to Stop TEA from Counting 2015-16 STAAR Scores

This morning, the Austin American-Statesman reported that a group of parents is suing TEA to bar the state from including the results of this year’s third- through eighth-grade assessments in the public school accountability system.

“According to a lawsuit against the Texas Education Agency and its commissioner Mike Morath, four parents claim the elementary and middle school State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness, or STAAR, was illegal this year. They allege in the lawsuit filed in Travis County that the state failed to shorten the tests in accordance with House Bill 743, which passed in 2015.”

The group appears to be the same one that launched a gofundme campaign called “Stop the 2016 STAAR results,” which has raised more than $20,000 to date to fund such a lawsuit.

Read the Statesman article for more information.