Tarver Character Ed Weekly Update

January 10-14

Character Trait Focus: Kindness

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Monday, January 10th

k-2. Show the video, Color Your World with Kindness, and then ask any or all of these questions with your class:

What did Kindness look like in the video?

What was your favorite act of Kindness?

How did you see the definition of Kindness come to life in the video?

How does Kindness spread with these characters?

How can it spread in our class? Our school?

3-5: Display the quote by Maya Angelou. Discuss the following questions:

Maya Angelou was a writer, poet, and activist. She overcame many hardships in her life and in her writing and teachings, she frequently reminded us of the importance of Kindness and caring when making it through difficult times.

How would you describe a rainbow? How can you be like a rainbow with your actions?

What might it feel like to feel “cloudy?” How can you show Kindness when someone is feeling sad?

Color Your World With Kindness
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Tuesday, January 11th

k-2: Review the meaning of kindness with the class. Show the read aloud, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Draw a bucket on the board or on chart paper. Have students share how they can be a bucket filler in class today. Write their responses on the bucket. Reference the poster throughout the month or longer.

3-5: Show the animated short, Mr. Indifferent. Have a class discussion around the following questions:

  • What do you notice about the man at the beginning of the video? What does it mean to be “indifferent?” How is that different from being “mean?” How can it be unkind?
  • What changes the man? Why is that important?
  • The man discovers he has the ability to help. What happens next? What does this tell us about Kindness?
  • How does the video bring the definition of Kindness to life?
  • What does the man do at the end? What does it teach us about how Kindness can spread?
Have You Filled A Bucket Today? | Read Aloud Books for Children | #7
CGI Animated Short Film: "Mr Indifferent" by Aryasb Feiz | CGMeetup

Wednesday, January 12th

Draw a three-tiered cake like the example below or have students draw their own in a journal or on paper. On the base tier, have students write everyday ways they might show Kindness. On the second tier, have them write things that take a little more effort and may happen once in a while. On the third tier, have them write one big, life-changing way they might show Kindness to someone.
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Thursday, January 13th

Show the read aloud, A Little Spot of Kindness. Have students share about how they can be reminded to be kind. What if they do not have a spot on their hand?
📖 A Little Spot of Kindness By Diane Alber READ ALOUD

Friday, January 14th

Show the read aloud, Kindness Snippet Jar. Have students write at least one kind thing they did this week. Have them share or put into a jar. You could keep a kindness box or jar in your room for students to continue this activity. Read them together at the end of the week.
Kindness Snippet Jar by Diane Alber - Videobook For Kids