The Rocky Roads of Kelowna

Geo-Tour of Kelowna


Kelowna has many different rocks and minerals throughout it this tour we will explore all of these places Know Mountain, Gorman's Mill, Mt Boucherie, Layer Cake Mountain, and finally The Quarry We will take rock samples and we will have a wonderful lunch at Mission Green Way Park. You will travel in groups and you will take notes along the way.

Knox Mountian Lookout

We got there by bus. We went from the school to the log mill and up Knox mountain to the look out. You can see Mt Boucherie, Bear Creek, and Okanagan Lake.lowna and Okanagan Lake. These locations were formed by Movement, Plate Movement, Volcanic Movement and Erosion. A giant Fault line runs right through Okanagan Lake. The lake level now is muck lower than it was many years ago.

Geo Tour

Monday, Sep. 28th, 11:30am

Gorman's mill Kelowna, B.C, Canada

We got there by bus. We went from Knox mountain over the bridge and up the highway to the side of a road. We had to collect a congranlment rock and fossil. We also saw a fossiliesed tree. The congranlment rock was formed by molten rock and the pressure from water and other rocks. The thin black layers on the rocks are coal engraved into the rock.

Mt Boucherie

We got there by bus. We are at Mt Boucherie we got there by going from Gorman's mill from there we drove down to the lava cliff but we stopped before that in we went to a baseball diamond in behind it there was a cliff with rocks. Mt Boucherie is and un active volcano. The type of rock we found was a extrusive igneous rock it was made from lava when gas pockets in the rock exploded and made larger holes through out the rock. Mt Boucherie is much smaller than it was 50 million years ago because when snow and mud combined on the top it caused rock slides which destroyed the mountain and brought it down many meters.

Layer Cake Mountian

We got there by bus. We are at Layer Cake Mountain we went from Mt Boucherie over the bridge through Kelowna out towards Gallagher's Canyon but we went up to Layer Cake Mountain. It was formed by lava currents that went in a strait line and then ended up leaving a strait lines in the mountains but with plate movement they were shifted up and down and now there are out of place and in curvy lines.

The Quarry

We got there by bus. the Quarry was are last stop it was an old quarry it was filled with metamorphic rocks the rocks are super compressed by molten rock and other rocks they have solid lines which are other rocks that are super compressed and molted together by lava they are super solid and hard to break. The rock was solid with small thin lines through out it.