Discovery Shuttle Missions

By:Teddy Solari

How they got to Washington D.C.

The last flight they had was on July 21 2001 riding back on a 747 plane from Kennedy Space Center.The 747 airplane went from Florida to Washington D.C.

About their missions

The Discovery Shuttle missions had 39 missions.And the last mission was on July 21,2001.The Discovery of Shuttle Missions is the most flown rocket.The first launch was on April 12 1981.
Challenger Disaster Live on CNN

The Explosion

This space shuttle missions was the 25th mission and 10th launched of the space shuttle challenger.It was launched at Kennedys Space Center in Florida.This mission was highly publicized because it was the first time a school teacher could travel in space.A high school teacher from New Hampsire was to be the first civilian in space.

NASA Shuttle Launch: Watch Space Shuttle Discovery's Final Mission Takeoff
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Farewell Discovery: Space shuttle's last landing before retirement


It has flown to space than any other aircraft. It has carried more crew members to orbit. It was the first air craft to retrieve satellite and bring it back to earth. It launched a telescope that has seen deeper in space in time than ever before. It has been to space 38 times. Discovery has spent 352 days in orbit almost a full year while going at the speed of 17,400 miles per hour. It has traveled 143 million miles. That's equal to 288 trips to the moon or one and a half trips to the sun. Discovery has carried 246 crew members most in space history. Those have included the first female to pilots space craft. In 1985 the only shuttle orbiter to fly four times in a single year.