Bodies of water



There are many rivers all over the world like the Nile river, Missouri River, Mississippi River, Amazon River,and many many more. Rivers are home for many animals and are also important for traveling. Some rivers are big because of lots of rain and some are small because of drouts and many more reasons. Rivers are Freshwater and also flowing. This is all about rivers.


There are also many lakes around the world. Some lakes are the Truman,The Lake of the Ozarks,Smithvill and many many more. Lakes are also home to many animals. Lakes do have salt so that makes them saltwater. They are also stationary because they don't move as wildly as oceans.This is all about lakes.


There are many types of oceans such as the Arctic ( first smallest ), Indian ( second smallest ), Atlantic ( middle sized ), Pacific ( largest ). Oceans water is very salty so I recommend not drinking it because some salt is bad for you and too much salt is very very bad. Oceans are always flowing with wave or not waves. This is all about oceans.


A Glaciers is a river if ice that moves under the pressure of its own weight. At the end of a glaciers its called a terminus. Calving is when large pieces of ice break off of the terminus. Warm temperatures makes the ice and snow melt faster than normal. Glaciers are found in cold place such as Canada. Glaciers can also be very dangers because in the melting season it could cause a flooding in rivers or lakes. Also Glaciers are freshwater because its from the cloud so like snow or rain. This is all about Glaciers.