The Hunting Ground

Sexual assault is a very serious problem on college campuses

What's going on?

Sexual assault on college campuses is happening way more that it should be. It is a growing problem that isn't going away. Most colleges and universities try to cover up the rapes and other things that take place to protect their reputations. This film was made to bring attention to these issues so we can start to do something about them.

It's your fault

When many of the colleges and universities found out about what was happening, they sat down the victims of the sexual assaults and questioned them about what they were wearing, how they were acting, and if they had been drinking when it happened as if it was their fault it did happened. These administrators didn't even think about it being the sex offenders fault.


Many rape stories involved star athletes. Even though these athletes were found guilty, their punishments are either being held off until after their sports season has ended or are not being given to them at all. Colleges aren't even thinking about how these experiences are affecting the victims. They are only concerned with their star athletes and their reputations as a school.

Raising Awareness

Two girls who have been sexually assaulted start an organization to raise awareness for this huge problems in colleges and universities across the United States. They go around and interview people who have been raped on their experiences and how it still affects them.

The Film

Overall, the film did a very good job at getting the point across. Sexual assault in colleges and universities is a growing problem. Many of these schools act like its not a big deal. The film provided many details examples and stories along with very many different people starring in it to voice their opinion along with facts to reveal how terrible this issue really is.