Welcome to Team Little Bookworms

Here's where the Usborne fun starts!

Welcome to the Team

Thank you for joining my Team: I look forward to supporting you as you start your Usborne business.

I have put together this newsletter so that you have all the info you need for the first week or so in one place, and to take you through what to expect from me and Head Office over the next few months. As I have said before, I am here to support you, so please feel free to call, text or email with any queries you may have. No matter how silly they might seem, I have heard sillier, believe me!

If you are on Facebook and if we are not already 'friends', please can you send me a Friend Request, so that I can add you to some useful Groups?

So what do I do now...?

Start having a look at the Organiser Website. If you signed up online, you will have received an email from Head Office with a printable form to sign and send back to them. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will be able to fully access the site. Once you have full access, you will find lots of tools to help you promote your business.

Plan your Starter Party to kick off your business at your own house. It's a chance to let your family and friends know about your new business, and allows you to get to know the catalogue and books in your Starter Kit ‘on your own turf’, with the support of friends, rather than the pressure of customers! Think through all your contacts, usings the FROGS categories...Friends, Relatives, Organisations, Groups, Schools...to make sure that you invite everyone who could potentially be interested in what you can offer.

Familiarise yourself with the Passport to Success - Quickstart Programme. Please note that there is absolutely NO obligation to take part, or you can do one step and then leave the others, it's entirely up to you, but I think you will agree that the benefits, both immediate in terms of the short-term rewards, and long-term regarding the business growth you will achieve, are well worth it. You will receive a hard copy of the full Passport to Success leaflet in your Starter Kit.

Get to grips with the hostess benefits so that you can speak confidently to people about how they will benefit from hosting a home party, remembering that you can pass these benefits on to toddler groups etc.

Start booking events to attend! I suggest you start off approaching groups and events that are run, or frequented, by people you know. You generally find that the offer of free books for the group is a great incentive for letting you attend, and most groups will welcome you back each term. Use your local Mumsnet / Netmums and other parenting sites to find out about groups in your area. Stallfinder.com is also good for finding events such as school fairs and local craft / farmers markets etc that are looking for stallholders.

Home parties for friends are also a great way to build your customer base, and what could be nicer than chatting with people about lovely books, whilst drinking tea (or wine!) and eating cake?! And of course your host benefits from free books.

You will usually pick up more business at each event you attend, so your business with quickly grow organically.

Tell everyone what you are doing! There are as many reasons for joining Usborne as there are Usborne Organisers, so who do you know that would benefit from joining? Every event you attend is an opportunity to sell the business as well as the books, and build your contacts, be they potential party hostesses, schools or recruits.

Where can I find more materials?

The Organiser Website is a mine of info! Some particularly useful documents for these first few weeks can be found in Tools & Downloads / Starting Out / Essential Reading, including Perfect Party Prescription, Free Prize Draw Draw Slips Explained, and various documents designed to help you set up your social media presence.

There are also training videos in the Starting Out section, but don't watch them all at once - there's too much to take in!

Posters and other marketing materials can be found in the Tools & Downloads section too. They are generally filed according to whether they pertain to events or business development, so start having a look through them, but again, there is lots of info, so do a bit at a time!

What support can I expect?

As much or as little as you would like!

As your Team Leader, I am here to help you every step of the way, in whatever way you would like me to. Whether you would like to chat regularly or just receive an email every six months, we can do whatever suits you best. Over this first week, it's a good idea to have a good think about what you want to achieve from your business, as that enables me to provide you with the right level of support, and of course it will help us to put together a plan of action!

Our Division has an online forum called Chatterbook, set up by our Leader, Emma Butt. It takes a few days to get you signed up, but please look out for your invitation and follow the set-up steps to get you logged in. It's where we all share ideas and support each other and is a link to Organisers all over the country, whether they are new to Usborne, or old-timers!

Head Office will also send you a series of emails over the next 12 weeks, designed to introduce you to the info you need from the Organiser Website in manageable chunks, guide you through the benefits of recruiting your own team, and help you to think about what you want to achieve from your business.

Oh, and one more thing...

Welcome to the Team, and I look forward to speaking to you again soon



Emma Drury

Team Leader

Usborne Books at Home and School