Rodriguez Lighting

Provisioning You The Brightest!

Our Company

Our company specializes in all types of lighting, for homes, corporations, and public areas.

We have the technicians and installment and delivery covered. We include the option of rental lighting for all type of events. We produce the best light bulbs with the least amount of pollution possible.

This is a partnership, Fatima and her sister are the founders and owners of this company, they divide the labor and profit.

Our partnership

They had a easy start up, shared decision making, and with with each others talents they provide specialization, this partnership also brings potential conflict and have unlimited liability

Factors of production

Land: Land where we place our factories

Labor: The technicians incharge of the installation of the lighting, supervision of production and the mental efforts of our advertising team.

Physical Capital: The buildings where we have our offices

Human Capital: The knowledge and experience a worker gains through experience of working with us.

Entrepreneurs: Fatima Rodriguez and Cristina Rodriguez