My Blendid Family

The Culbertson, Stewart, & Barker Clan

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About my Family

My family is a blending family. I have my step dad Gregg, my mom Celia, my brothers Mark and Allan, my step brother Jasper & Zach, & my Step sister Savannah. We are a Blendid family because my mom got married to Gregg last year in June.

my family meets physical needs by going out together & doing fun activities as a family like bowling, or watching a movie. They meet intellectual development by allowing me to go to school & teaching me things at home. They meet emotional needs bc they always make sure I'm happy & always do things to make me happy. They encourage my social skills by allowing me to hang out with my friends at social events & staying at their house. They meet instilling moral values bc they teach me to make good, responsible decisions so I grow up with a good life. My family is still in the parenting stage bc they have to raise me, my little brother jasper, & my little sister Savannah.