Week 2

Principal's Message

Hooley dooley! Here we go for 2013

I hope you're ready! What an exciting week for our beginners, teachers and children.

Thank-you for your work last week. I think that we have gained good information about our students in order to find a starting place. Thanks particularly to Maree and Jacqui for being well organised and on the ball.

Monday will be bedlam in the carpark, in the yard and especially in Olivia, Danielle and Jessica's room. We will get you all moving to your classes as quickly as possible so that the F/1's can have their moment of glory. Please keep a good eye on these kids in the yard. I think there might be a few dare devils in this group.

Enjoy your week :)

Reminders for this week.....

  • Get to know the desktop. We try very hard to keep it relevant and up to date but it is up to you to stay informed. Suggestions for improvement welcome.
  • Walk your students out at the end of the day. It's a great exercise in PR and it makes you look approachable
  • Put the newsletter onto your IWB. Show the students what it looks like and encourage them to talk to their parents about it. It will be online for you on Thursday
  • Security .... we have never had any thefts of teachers personal belongings but it can always happen. Think about your handbags and where you put them, sometimes it is safer to keep valuables locked in your car.
  • teachers in portables, because your rooms are so far away you would be advised to lock your rooms when you are not using them.
  • Everyone, lock up at the end of the day. If you forget.... don't bother calling me, turn your car around and do it!

Settle, settle, settle ..... calm, calm, calm!