KRMS Weekly Parent Update

Week of August 24, 2020

Week Two

Greetings, Cougar families.

We are making pace to continue on with virtual learning, and we hope your first week was successful. There were a few things we had to assist in fixing last week, but overall everything appeared to be working smoothly. We know that this is a huge change for all of us; we are accustomed to our students being in the building and engaging with them. However, we are willing to make this a success as we strive to continue educating our students.

My communication to the team is not to aim for normal, but aim for better. What opportunities are there in the midst of all of this? How can we connect better with our stakeholders to make sure that our students continue to succeed? We're focusing on what we call an "Upstream attitude" to ensure we can resolve problems and issues quickly, but most importantly, we want to solve most of them before they happen. We will certainly need your help, and we know that you will continue to partner with us to make it happen. Each day, your son or daughter should be logging in to the Cougar Den to watch the morning announcements. These are posted by 8:30 a.m each day. Afterwards, he or she can check in with the advisement teacher to prepare for the day. The virtual environment allows for more flexibility where teachers do mini-lessons and focus on completing their small groups work to ensure all of our students are making progress.

This week, our students will take the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment. This assessment will be given in both Reading and Mathematics, and it will provide us with some excellent data that we will use to target interventions and enrichments for our students. Our school improvement goals will be based on MAP performance, and students' individual progress. Please ensure that your child knows to do his or her best on this assessment. It is extremely important.

Union Baptist Church has committed to partner with us to serve families that need assistance with internet service. The church will be opening with limited space for families; however, the parent will need to stay with the child while using the facilities and we will have limited facilitators there to assist and answer questions as well. This will occur on two days throughout the week, which will be determined based on sign ups. If you have questions, please send me an email to I have included the signup form in this weekly update.

Lastly, I have included the meal deliveries form for those families who would like to sign up for meal deliveries, and I have posted the Virtual Learning Expectations from our Superintendent. The meal form should be completely if you would like to receive weekly meals. If students receive free or reduced lunch, the same would apply. There are some additional requirements needed once the form is complete, and delivery service would start next week. You will, however, be able to pick up meals from the school until the delivery service began. Please email our nutrition manager, Ms. Cecelia Wynn, at if you have any questions about the meal delivery program.

Thanks for all you do.

Dr. Gardner

Weekly Meal Delivery Requests

Please use this form to request or stop meal delivery for students. All requests will be processed the week they are received and delivery services will begin the following week (on Tuesday).

Union Baptist Church Internet Services Signups

Please follow the link to be redirected to sign up for internet usage services at Union Baptist Church.

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Students have received the invitation to the Chat and Chew Kickback with the administrators. The details were sent to the students' email accounts. Pre-registration is required. Please ensure your child knows about this if he or she wants to attend!