What You Should Know About Capes

And Peninsulas Made by Ruby

About Capes And Peninsulas

A cape is a high point that goes in an river or ocean.A peninsula is a land from that is surronded by water on every one exepet for one side that is attached to main land. A cape is formed by somtimes erosion. Also by the rivers,ocean currents, and glaciers. A peninsula is formed by sometimes volcanic rock. Also from sedimentary rock. And it is formed by liquid rock.

What There Is To Know About The Cape Of Good Hope

The Cape Of Good is in South Africa. The Cape Of Good Hope is smaller then peninsulas and very narrow.The Cape Of Good Hope can be making it so there is more room to live in Africa. The Cape Of Good Hope is similar because the others are by water too.

The Baja Peninsula Facts

The baja Peninsula is in mexico. The Baja Peninsula is bigger then the Florida Peninsula. The Baja Peninsula can gave more room to people to make farms. The Baja Peninsula because they are all near the coast line.

Cape Cod Facts You Should Know.

Cape Cod is in the U.S.A. Cape cod looks more like a hook then others. Cape cod could affect people who live there by making a beach for them. They are similar because they are attached to the mainland on one side and and water is on all the other sides

Facts About The Welsh Peninsula

The Welsh Peninsula is in South Wales. The Welsh Peninsula is different because it is bigger. It could affect people by making a state like Florida. It is similar to the others because they are all big.