For girls

Why Is Hygiene Important?

Hygiene in young girls today is very important. Girls need hygiene to look and feel good. It is something that not only you, but others around you notice. Keeping good hygiene can help prevent the spread of infections, diseases, and bad odors. It is helpful, healthy, and beneficial not only for you, but others with you.

Ways to Have Hygiene

Hair- In order to have healthy hair free of grease, lice, dandruff, tangles, and knots you must wash it about everyday with shampoo/conditioner. You also need to brush your hair daily in order to keep it healthy and tangle free.

Mouth- In order to prevent bad breath and germs you must wash your teeth daily. Usually twice a day.

Clothes- You need to wash your clothes after each time you wear them and not repeatedly wear them without a wash.

Odor- To prevent bad odors, you must shower daily. You need to wash face, hair and body. You also need to wear deodorant everyday for body odors. You could also try wearing some perfume or body spray.

Other- If you wear makeup it is very important to wash it off your face every night in order to prevent acne and germs. Also make sure to wash your hand after going to the restroom or touching things.

Practice good hygiene!