The Empire State Building

One of the most facinating buildings in the world

Hi, here are some facts about The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world for 40 years its about 1,453 feet tall. Can you believe it costed $40,948,900. The date of its full construction was 1929. It weighs 365,000 tonnes and are supported by 210 steel and concrete piles. It is made of 10million bricks, 57,000 tonnes of steel, 2,000,000 cubic feet of limestone and 730 tonnes of aluminum. Something also amazing is that it has 17 million feet of telephone wire.

A fabulous tourist attraction

The Empire sate Building has heaps of cool stuff to hold it together and to complete the whole "proper building" factor like 73 elevators and 6,154 windows also 70 miles of pipes! It also has 102 stories. The 86th floor is actually an observatory. It also has a lightning rod that gets striked over 100 times a year!

A must visit destination

It was actualy built for a competition of who could build the tallest building in the world and it won for forty years !!! About 3.5 million people visit it each year about 8219 people per day!