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Critical info

The northern white rhino is assumed to be extinct in the wild leaving only 7 in the world, 2 (one male, one female) live in san diego wild animal park. 5 live in mexio, sadly the attempts to breed the two rhinos in san diego ended badly. the reason this animal is so critically endangered is because humans have been hunting them for thousands of years for their horns, believed to bring good luck, many people had to kill this rhino to enter manhood in african tribes. sadly these amazing animals have a large chance to be extinct within your lifetime.

Food chain

this rhino only eats grass and has no predators apart from humans. even knowing this area is surrounded by lions. the reason being is because lions can't puncture the rhino's thick skin with they rather stubby teeth.


The northern white rhino used to live in the savanna desert until hunted to near extinction. some of the countries they occupited are: Chad, Agunda, Central African Republic, and Democratic Republic of the Congo


Funny thing, i went to a zoo and learned about this up front. pictures all form one site