The U.S. Captiol

By:Dustin Cash

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The Capitol

How many people know that the Capitol has a crypt?the enormous structure that is located in Washington D.C. Is helpful for our government till this day.Describing that Capitol's looks, location, and function. Describing the Capitol's inside features.Describing the Capitol's outside aspects.the Captiol's function.

Come exlpore the Capitol's location. The Capitol's location is in Washingtion D.C. Stared to build in 1793, was it's present day size since 1892. The Capitol is the center for the quadrents of the city. Capitol is located on the East end of the Natiol Mall. The Capitol's where abouts is on the Captiol hill. All roads lead to the Captiol since it is the dividing point.

How many people have seen the Captiol's outside layer? The diminsions are 751 feet and 4 inches long, 350 feet high. The manufacturer is a man named Pierre Challes L'Enfant. The Senate"s office has a rare oval window that still moves, wich is suprising. The dome on the Capitol was not added until the 1850s.

What about the Captiol's inside features? The cahmber of House of Representatives and the Senate meeting chamber has been there for 2 centries, There are many elevators that the public is ot alloud to use. Bellow the crypt is a nuclear fallout shelter. There are miles and miles of underground tunnels that the public never sees.

Do you know the Capitol's function? Symbolizes the people and their guests. Their are still ladies and gentlemen"s galleries labled in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Each vote is still tallied by hand even before online voting. The Capitol doesnt have a good internet connection.

The Captiol's functions. Describing the Capitol's looks,location, and function. The Capitol's outter aspects. Describing the Capitol's inner features."Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." So I leave the people with a question what can the people do for our Captiol.