Nuclear Fusion Press Release

MAY 6, 2016

Dr. Allison P. Falls

Today the world is changing. As we accumulate more knowledge, scientists and doctors like myself are able to change the world for the better. I, Dr. Allison P. Falls, would like to present a new discovery. The discovery began with the drive of enhancing our daily functions and making them more efficient. This led us in the direction of nuclear fusion. Like nuclear fission, it is a reaction that produces energy. Specifically, nuclear fission is the process by which the nuclei of two molecules are split. Nuclear fusion is quite the opposite. Rather than one nuclei splitting, two nuclei form together and release an abundant amount of energy. Why does this matter you may ask? Well, imagine being able to use this as an energy source. Newer, better possibilities for us humans would trigger from this. So, why don't we try looking a bit further?

Better Understanding

From thorough research we have been able to greater comprehend and understand the process of nuclear fusion, including how to use it as an energy source. Although it is simple to know what nuclear fusion is, converting it into a sustainable energy source is a lot more complicated. Even the thought of harnessing this powerful energy involves much time. When using nuclear fusion, it can obviously be very dangerous and can bring many effects. First, it is not easily contained making it hard to control. Second, the type of environment needed to produce as well as maintain this energy is expensive. Though our discovery does not solve these problems, it creates a foundation to build off of.

The Impact

Having the ability to harness nuclear fusion and control the energy it produces would allow us to provide a clean, sustainable energy source. Doing this would definitely require a lot of money and time, however the benefits greatly out-weigh the expenses. Especially in the long-run. Think about how our energy would be much more efficient in the future with nuclear fusion. Not only would it provide cleaner air, but also provide a limitless supply of power, electricity, and fuel. So, by starting now and looking ahead into nuclear fusion, could ultimately bring us the key to a healthy planet.