VCR Unit 2


Fill in the Blank

Ray Rice became an _______________ after a video was revealed of him attacking his wife in the elevator of a casino, resulting in him being suspended indefinitely from the NFL.
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The Answer Is...


anathema (n.)
1. A person/thing detested or shunned
2. A curse, especially excommunication or a formal church ban

Other Forms

anathematize (v.)
anathematic (adj.)


ana - up
tithenai - to put

Both Greek


  • bane
  • pariah
  • abomination
  • detestation


  • popular
  • beloved
  • prominent
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Which sentence uses the word incorrectly?

A. One of the anathemas for the Continental Army was the lack of formal military training until Baron von Steuben trained them at Valley Forge.
B. Racial minorities in the South were anathematized under segregation by the majority of whites until the Civil Rights Movement helped remove racist laws.
C. Books with magic in its plot, such as Harry Potter, have become anathemas in many conservative areas, who view the books as promoting witchcraft.
D. Adolf Hitler, while once glorified in Nazi Germany, is now almost universally shunned and is a perfect example of an anathema.


Anathema is commonly used accidentally to mean obstacles, instead of curses.