High School Happenings

December 2021

Welcome to the High School Newsletter for The Campus (SSAE and PPEC)

Winter Break

Winter Break is December 20- January 5. High School students will report back to school on Monday, January 10.

Physical Science-Biology-Forensic Science

We are wrapping up an awesome semester and looking forward to new things next semester! Please encourage your students to be working to complete their courses and reach out if they need help. Wishing you all a restful and rejuvenating break!

Chemistry & Honors Biology

Wow, there was so much to be thankful for in the science lab this time of year. During November, Chemistry students experimented with the impacts of Charles law, Boyle's law, and the Ideal gas law on our Z space bus; picture a marshmallow with a smiley face expanding to three times its size simply due to a decrease in pressure. It was virtually a gas! Chemistry students also have spent November exploring stoichiometry and how dimensional analysis can reveal the quantitative relationships between the masses, the numbers of moles, and the numbers of particles (atoms, molecules, and ions) of the reactants and the products in a balanced chemical equation. As a culminating experience students participated in a Stoichiometry Escape Room. Though not all of the students escaped, they all learned a great deal and had a blast experiencing the challenges that it provided. Biology students have wrapped up their major endangered species zoological organism project with a highly attended school-wide gallery walk. Their projects were phenomenal and show a great deal of learning and growth. Biology students have also been exploring the different biological systems and as a culminating lab students will be performing a careful dissection of a fetal pig identifying each of the main physiological systems. All groups are super excited and we look forward to this exploration & excellent results.

English III

The end of our first semester is fast approaching which means it's presentation time! Students are presenting their passion projects, allowing them an opportunity to showcase their skills and learning. We will end our semester with a reflection that asks students what they've learned and what they can improve moving into spring. It's been an exciting class filled with learning about all the topics students chose, and I can't wait to see what they bring to our class after the winter break!


This is a long awaited week for Engineering Students - as students will race their CO2 Racecars in The Campus Nationals on Wednesday, December 8. The students have all been working hard on their projects the last eight weeks or so and now all of them hope to dethrone defending champion Curtis Beatty for the title of the Worlds Fastest! We have invited back past competitors to be race officials or to enter the prestigious competition again in hopes of a second chance to win the trophy!

Electives Galore!

2021 has been gone by at warp speed. Students in Coding 1 just completed their code your own projects utilizing if and elif conditionals in Python. Teen Leadership students have been working hard preparing speech after speech and worked collaboratively this month on delivering presentations on essential skills including communication, perseverance, self-awareness, self-control, and developing their own personal mission statements Students will finalize a digital portfolio for their semester project to track their high school pathway at SSAE and PPEC. Drones students are continuing to build their coding skills to develop flight plans and understand all the necessary requirements for the Drone certification exam. Please reach out for any support in your electives course. Finish the semester strong and enjoy the holiday season.


Did you take College Adobe Photoshop, or College Adobe Illustrator, or College Drawing I (2017- 2020)? If you have NOT received your 3.0 credits from Pikes Peak Community (PPCC), email Mrs. Kara Wichman at kwichman@d49.org. https://www.ppcc.edu/application/files/1116/0089/0118/SSAE_Flyer.pdf

Clothing Giveaway was a success!

The Clothing Donation and Giveaway hosted by the SSAE & PPEC National Honor Society was a success! Thank you for all your clothing donations to make the giveaway a successful event. All leftover clothes were donated to Salvation Army, Goodwill, and More Than a Meal.

Peer Tutoring Offered

Peer Tutoring will be available every Friday morning, from 10:40 to 11:55 am. Tutors will work with students one-on-one to provide academic support and feedback during this time. Tutors will also be available to work in classes or during teacher support times throughout the week to provide additional help. For more information, or to make an appointment, students can check out the Peer Tutoring website: https://sites.google.com/d49.org/peer-tutoring-hub/home.

The Campus Nationals drag races for CO2 cars

December 8, 2021

8:00 AM - 11:55 AM

South campus main area, all students are invited to compete.



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CLASS OF 2022- Senior Quotes for Yearbook

Please begin thinking about senior quotes. You may submit your quote here: https://forms.gle/ABnqTSUTxBbmUgub8 Senior photos will also be accepted through the app under the category "Formal Senior Photos." Send any questions to Ms. Shonk: jshonk@d49.org
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