UW - River Falls

Men's Volleyball Club

What do we do?

We compete in the Northern Intercollegiate Volleyball Conference which consists of 21 teams from universities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Canada that compete to be the best volleyball team in the area. We hold preseason training during the first semester and then compete in weekend tournaments during the majority of the second semester.

Interesting Facts

  • Our club has been actively participating in the volleyball community for over 10 years
  • Most players who join the team come in with little or no volleyball experience
  • Each year our team competes in the NCVF Championships where ~7,000 North American athletes gather in a major US city to compete for the chance to be Number 1

Never played volleyball before?

That's okay! Most players that join our club have little or no experience playing volleyball at all. In the past our club has seen players join the team knowing nothing about volleyball, but they use their athleticism and intelligence to become all-conference or even all-american volleyball players. There is no reason that you can't be one of those players!