Life and dreams of a teacher

About me, my hobbies and dream occupations

Is it good to have dreams?

One of my dreams would be to own a... There it is! Now you know one of the secrets of my life.

About me

One of the things that amaze me is knowing about Anglo-saxon cultures, specially Irish. I like Ireland and the Irish people, they are very friendly.

Apart from a that, I really enjoy being in the academic contexts, like universities and schools. Nowadays, a person can even study without going physically to the school, I mean virtually.

In my spare time I really enjoy riding on my motorcycle. I ride on it quite frequently. I like travelling too. I have visited three continents.

And finally, If I was given the opportunity to achieve mi dreams I would ask for owning a hotel In the Caribbean. Deffinitivelly it would be my main dream. I wish it comes true!

Luxury hotel in México

Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort


Any questions?

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