Top 7 Civil War Battles

By:Morgan F

The First Battle

On April 12 the first battle of the Civil War started.The battle was called For Sumter it was located in Charleston Harbor,South Carolina.The battle started because the Confederate didn't want the Union in there harbor.The battle had all together had 580 soldiers.The Union had 80 soldieries and The Confederate side had 500 soldieries.During the three day battle no one was killed.The two commanders were Robert Anderson he was the commander of the Union.The Commander for Confederate side was P.G.T Beauregard. The battle was a victory for the Confederate side.

The Battle of Antietam

The battle of Antietam started in September 16 and lasted for three days in 1862. The battle of Antietam was located in Washington County Maryland.The commander for the Union side was George B. McClellan and the Confederate commander was Robert E.Lee.The Union had 87,000 soldiers and the Confederate side had 45,000 soldiers. In addition both sides had all together 13,419 soldiers killed/wounded/missing. The battle was Inconclusive meaning there was no victory on ether side.

Battle of Vicksburg

The Battle of Vicksburg starred on May 18,1863 in Warren County,Mississippi.The commanders during this battle were Ulysses S Grant and John C Pemberton. Ulysses S Grant was the commander of the Union and John C Pemberton was the commander for the confederate side. The battle had a total of 110,000 soldier and 77,000 soldiers were part of Union army.During the battle 37,403 soldieries were killed/wounded/captured and or missing. The battle all together lasted sixteen days and ended on July 4th of 1863.The victory was for the Union.

The Battle of Gettysburg

The battle of Gettysburg was one of the most famous battle in the Civil War.The battle was a victory for the Union.The Commander of the Confederate army was Robert E Lee and he wanted to “threaten the Northern cities,weaken the norths appetite for war and,win the battle to strengthen the peace movement in the north.” The commander of the Union was George G Mead. As many as 51,000 soldiers from both armies were killed, wounded, captured or missing in the three-day battle.The second day battle was the largest and the costliest of the three days. In addition President Lincoln gave his famous speech after the battle for the fallen soldiers.Also 63 medals were given out to men for there work in the battle that day.

Sherman's March to the Sea

Sherman March to the Sea all started with the Battle of Atlanta. The Commanders during this battle were William T Sherman and John Bell Hood.The march went from Atlanta to Savannah.The march all started when Sherman sent on of his men east to wreck the Georgia railroad.The march was 60 miles wide. This was a victory for the Union.

The Battle of fort Fishers

The battle of Fort Fishers started on January 13 1865.The battle had two commanders. Commander Braxton Bragg was for the Union and commander Robert F Hook was for the confederate side.The battle lasted three days and in those three days the union has gotten author victory.The battle had a total of 11,153 soldiers. Final the battle was located in New Hanover County, North Carolina.

The Appomattox Court House

The Appomattox Court House started on April 9th 1865 in Appomattox County Virginia.The battle had a total of 89,285 soldiers.The commander of the union Ulysses S. Grant had lead his soldiers to victory again. The confederate commander was Robert E. Lee. A total of 500 people were killed/wounded,missing & captured most of the men were from the Union.The Appomattox Court House was the final surrendering for the Civil War.The Union had won.