Progressive Reform Groups

You are now a member


Design a platform arguing for one of these reforms:


-End child labor

-Reduce working hours

-Worker's compensation

-Women's suffrage

-Pure food and Drug Act

You will only be allowed to choose one that is not already chosen. I will come ask your group for your selection.

What you need:

You will be assigned to a group of 4. Each group will have one computer.

You will divide your tasks and duties up between your members.

  1. All: Stated goal (What you are asking for or supporting)
  2. Person #1: Design a propaganda poster to support your cause. (look for existing examples, but do not copy them.
  3. Person #2: 5-6 facts to argue a case that the act is unjust
  4. Person #2: 5-6 facts to argue how the reform will benefit people. (Don't just say the opposite)
  5. Person #3: You need a visual. (a smore) Within this, you need to include: 1. What reform you are after, Person #2's information, at least 5 pictures, a political cartoon (created, or cited), and a working poll.
  6. Person #4: Letter to Congress. Find out who your congressman would have been and write them and the President at the time. Learn how to address the envelope and write a persuasive letter to get your case heard before the courts. You need at least 3 paragraphs.


You and your group will be able to get a glimpse of what people were fighting for. Why events and decisions such as these were tearing the nation apart. You will also find out why big business supports the things they do and why progressives may support the candidates and issues they did. You will also be able to see why your life has forever been changed by people that took a stand and made a difference in this country.

Due Date

Friday, Feb. 7th, 3:30pm

3411 Peters Colony Rd

Flower Mound, TX

You will have all your research and work done by 3:30 p.m. on Friday 2/7/14. You will hand me your posters/ letters/ and give me a link to your smores, or give me a usb with your power points. You will also evaluate your peers. Everyone needs to make sure they are contributing.