United Kingdom

Capital london

European Union

The UK is not a founding member of the European Union, but they are apart of it. They joined the EU in 1973 and are still present in the EU.


The total population in United Kingdom was last recorded at 63.9 million people in 2013 from 52.4 million in 1960, changing 22 percent during the last 50 years.

Geographic features and Phisical features

River Thames, River Severn, Lambrian Mountains. Ireland is also right next to the UK. They have many mountains and rivers.
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The United Kingdom consists of a collection of islands which are located off the northwestern coast of Europe between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.


The United kingdoms tourism places are the Tower of London, London Eye, StoneHedge, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and River Thames.

Major Cites

The United Kingdoms major cities are Glasgow, London, Buckingham, and Leeds

History of flag

The uk's flag is the official Union jack

Government type

Constitutional monarchy and common wealth

Currency type


British has no written constitution.