Thinking About Volunteering?

Please Join us in the Library!

Would You Like to Volunteer in the Library and Visit Your Child at the Same Time?

We would love your help! We could always use an extra hand in helping student's find just the right book. You are also welcome to read with children and lend a hand in the computer lab. If putting books away is something you would enjoy doing, we would really appreciate the help!

Thank you Mrs. Reiss, Mrs. Marvin, Mrs. Appleby, and Mrs. Bychowsky for volunteering already this year. Your help has made a difference for our students!

Library Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

8:53-9:33 Granatini-2 Elliott-2 Stanavage-2 Putorti-2 DiCioccio-2

9:36-10:16 Records-2 Callaghan-2 Stiles-2 Sheridan-1 Hawkins-1

10:19-10:59 Lattarula-K DeGaetano-2 Lemke-K Hart-2 Noel-K

11:02-11:42 PREP Prep PREP PREP PREP


12:19-12:59 Integrated Arts Sechen-K Integrated Arts Arntsen-K Integrated Arts

1:02-1:42 Lattarula-K Burchfield-1 Lemke-K Benoit-1 Noel-K

1:45-2:25 Tuohy Eguren-1 Boyd Cannata-1 Groves

2:28-3:08 Integrated Arts Integrated Arts Integrated Arts Integrated Arts Integrated Arts

3:08-3:25 Parent PickUp Parent PickUp Parent PickUp Parent Pick Up Parent Pick Up