Louis XIV (Sun King)

By: Christopher Zapf

Four Accomplishments

  • He built the Palace of Versailles
  • He conquoer Spain and the Holy Roman Empire
  • During his 20 years, he made reforms, oversaw the blossoming of French art.
  • He reduce many taxes on the people.

Four Negative Things

  • He went to war a lot causing France to run out of money.
  • Louis was to young to be a king at his age.
  • Louis revoked the Edict of Nantes and taking the Protestant's rights away.
  • This cause many people to fled France, many were artisans & merchants, causing France's economy to go down.

Louis Family Life

He got married to Marie Man to Mistresses Louise de la Valliere and the Marguise de Montespan. Together they had 11 children total. Louis live in the Palace of Versailles. Louis
Versailles, from Louis XIII to the French Revolution