Spring 2015 Midnight Breakfast

Theme: Social Media

Midnight Breakfast- RELOADED !

Good Evening All !

I hope this email finds you well ! We are approximately 4 weeks out from this semesters Midnight Breakfast and things are kicking into HIGH GEAR ! Please review the following bullets which contain important information as we move forward. Action items are included in this email so respond where appropriate !

Updates & Reminders

  • Date: Wednesday May 13th
  • Time: 10:30-12:30 a.m. (Tentative)
  • Location: D2 (Tentative)

  • If you have not done so, please share your sub-committee updates with me via email !

  • Please participate in the Midnight Breakfast Doodle Poll below to determine our next group meeting time. Responses are due by Friday Friday April 24th at 5 p.m.

Note to Self ! Get Creative , There are Millions of Social Media Sites !

We are not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ! Think out side the box with your committees considering these cool options! :

  • Spotify/Pandora
  • Youtube
  • Vine
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Skype.Oovo
  • Buzzfeed
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Consider: Social Media Pages popular in countries/regions of the world ex.) WhatsApp
  • Tinder
  • Netflix/Hulu

Sub-Committee To Do List :

  • Please remember to send your sub-committee reports via email
  • Please begin crafting a supply list for your particular needs with prices and locations
  • Please begin developing a list of items that can be done during R.A. Office hours etc. and have it ready to share. Ex.)Cutting, gluing, information sourcing. I will create a master list and share with staffs.

Responsibilities and Idea Sharing Breakdown


Some ideas that have come up include:

  • "Wafflemeister" as an off-campus food choice
  • Crepes
  • Fondue
  • Ice-Creme Bar
  • Title Idea: "Snap -and-they're-gone _______"-ode to Snap Chap

Responsibilities Include:

  • Creation of Food Titles
  • Smoothie Bar or Station
  • Cupcake Bar- If you guys move forward with this decor team will provide social media cupcake toppers. This can be done for another food that is already being provided as well, so no pressure to have this if it was not a part of your vision.

Cleo & Sade volunteer to add the Instagram Rice Krispies to their responsibilities in Decor and have them as the plate center-piece upon arrival of guest. Please let us know your thoughts on this !


  • Teaser Flyers : Distributed by April 29th ( Contact Sade for questions regarding Timeline)

  • Create Midnight Breakfast Official Social Media Handle: SUPER IMPORTANT because it will be used for SEVERAL projects so we should keep it consistent and figure it out now.Nothing too crazy and something that would come naturally to folks. ex.) MidnightBreakfast2015. Let me know what you folks come up with !

  • Concept for invites- Upper Right Hand Corner: Just an option ! We can design one and print several copies instead of using construction paper like they did in this example.

Collaboration/Tech & A/V

  • Social Network Movie showing ( Same location as last semester hopefully)
  • At least 3 projector needed for this event ! (Decor committee is working with arts center to see how many they can snag but explore other options)
  • Eventstagam- Look it up ! Its a game changer. All student photos using our hashtag go directly on our slideshow ! Can you guys begin to play around with this ?
  • Live Twitter Feed for "Social Networking" Movie and for evening as a whole. Websites to explore : (Pick whichever one is the best for our purposes and FREE !)
  • http://www.tweetbeam.com/
  • https://hootsuite.com/hootfeed
  • https://michaelheipel.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/tools-to-present-a-twitter-stream-at-your-event/
  • Top Hits Playlist for beginning of evening- Feel good music ex.) Glad You Came- The Wanted- Decor can take this task if you all need support let us know !
  • I believe it was Bobby last semester who did an AMAZING job with the Harry Potter Quotes- are you willing to do some social media safety tips/facts for in between pictures on a slideshow ??
  • If we move forward with the Skype Area- Laptops may be needed. More Info will be known after group meeting
  • Reach-out to Staff,Faculty. Have you all determined a number cap for volunteers? It might be helpful just so we don't solicit more help than we need.

Giveaways & Activities

Idea and Concepts for Event : You all select the ones you think fit best for our purposes and start getting the stations together.Please work closely with decor as many of these items will be printed. Much of this work could be done in office hours as well !

  • Social Media Henna
  • Skype Area- Family, Study Away Students
  • (2) Photobooths (See below)- You all would be working closely with decor on this
  • Polaroid Cameras for Photobooth
  • Buttons as a possible giveaway ? Cheap and could be made in Abu Dhabi
  • Tech related giveaways- "Selfie Sticks" as Raffle or Quiz Prize
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt ( On table, in corner ? Coordinate with Decor)
  • Text in Activity : Explore http://www.polleverywhere.com/
  • Instagram Piñata (See Below)- Decor Team is OBSESSED with this. Please let them know if you want them to take that on !


  • Photo Booth #1 : Red Carpet Entrance
  • FB Wall Entrance
  • Tinder Options (Walk Left, Walk Right) Related to Food ?
  • Social Media Grave Yard
  • Computer Centerpieces with photo flashbacks
  • IG Rice Krispies (TBD)
  • Piñata (TBD)
  • Two Craft Trips
  • Library Printing of Large Hanging Decor
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And we will ! Thank you all ! See you soon !