Instructional Technology

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November is Picture Book Month. Find a moment to read a picture book with your kids or show one of these videos that have turned picture books into an animatiuon.
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What will your students write about?

Write About is a social publishing platform for classrooms created by educators. Hundreds of stunning ideas filtered by grade level, category or keyword. Quickly create and share ideas with your own images, text and voice. Available for Free online. There is an App as well: free or paid upgrade. Learn more about the Write About app.
Say Hello to Write About
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Stand Up to Cyberbullying
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What Most Schools Don't Teach
This is the second year our district will be participating in the Hour of Code. HOC is a global movement reaching millions of students in countries across the world. Anyone, anywhere can participate! For one hour, you are challenged to challenge your students to try computer science. That's it! One Hour!! Wanna go beyond one hour of code, try this!

This 5 step how-to tutorial will walk you through how to teach one Hour of Code. Note computers are optional as mentioned in the tutorial if you do not have access to computers/laptops.

Kodu, Tynker, Scratch, are just a few resources you can try in the classroom for elementary and middle school.

CodeHS, Khan Academy's Intro to Javascript: Drawing and Animation and BootStrap which Integrates learning to code with Algebra are for highschoolers. These are all web-based.

Need mobile device apps? Here are a few of iPad apps that are free: Hopscotch, Cargo-Bot and Daisy the Dinosaur.


This one is my favorite for K-6.

Learn programming the fun way with Tynker. Designed for elementary and middle school kids.

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Google Computer Science Custom Search

Google launched a Computer Science Custom Search Page this week. Here you can find lessons, tutorials and activities for K-12 computer science education.
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Don't forget to use Donors Choose to obtain materials and resources for your classroom.

Read Write Think Timelines

Teaching timelines? Have your students use the interactive from RWT: Read Write Think to create their own timeline. Add images too. Students can email or you can post it to social outlets. RWT even has a free app for devices.


iPad app:

Google Play app:

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Have Chromebooks in your classroom or thinking about applying for some through Donors Choose?

Tons of information on Chromebooks in the classroom from Kathy Schrock. She has information ranging from what is a Chromebook, to Chromebook tutorials to apps and extensions and practices. My favorite of those is the link to a Google doc on 30 Ways to use Chromebooks in the Classroom. You should also check out the Chromebook Tutorial that is hosted on ThingLink.