By Jacob Richards Period 1-2

The steps it took Rudy to get into Nortre dame (Chronological)

Rudy had to get go to college

Rudy had to get good grades

Rudy had to work harder then he is used to

Rudy finally asked for a job at Notre dame

Last he was apart of Notre dame

Rudy on the football team (Cause and effect)

Rudy first didn't play cause he was short but. Then he was going to practice and working hard he was impressed by everyone liking him he was doing so good people wanted him to play in there spot. Rudy loved football so much he was happy when he got to sit on the bench . Then at the end of the movie Rudy finally got to play and when he got in he was so excited. The coach called him in and he ran to the field and did his best. The first play he sacked the quarter back and at the end of the game they put him on top of all of them because he did real good.

Rudy (Descriptive)

Rudy likes Notre Dame

Rudy is a Hard worker

Rudy got good grades

Rudy was determined

Rudy was doing the best he could

Rudy Dreams (Problem and soulution)

Rudy always had dreams about going to Notre Dame since he was little to play football. cause his dad loved Notre Dame but his grades aren't that good so he had to go to a different school first to get his grades up first. To get his grades up his friend D-bob tutors him so he could accomplish his dreams. After him getting good grades he was able to get in Notre Dame and play football.