Miss Maudie a.k.a "Religious Woman"

Miss Maudies Life

Miss Maudie lives across the street from the Finch's. She is a widow, but she doesn't mourn all the time. She's a very optimistic person and is utterly obsessed with her garden she loved all nature except for nut grass.She hated her house, and though that every second inside of it was wasted time. When her house burned down, she was actually happy to know that she could have more garden space. She is very religious, she loves God. There is a lot of people in the book, she loves all the kids but, she thinks scout is a young kid who needs disciplines. She thinks the father is a busy man but he loves and cares about his children. Dill is a new kid she thinks he is a weird kid but he likes to talk a lot. There is a crazy family in the town. Boo but his real name is Aruther Ridley he is a crazy kid who stabbed his dad in the leg with scissors he is inside a lot but when the night comes he is outside. "Yessum, but I'd wanta come out. Why doesn't he? Miss Maudies eyes narrowed you know that story as well as I do." She said Atticus "There are just some kind of men who—who're so busy worrying about the next world they've never learned to live in this one, and you can look down the street and see the results."

The reason for creating "Miss Maudie" is so she can show the kids what right from wrong.

The reason for writing the chapter is so they can show how much influence on the kids and people she has.

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