Friday, January 29

Rachel's Day

Virtual Co-op

For technologies of instruction, everyone was paired up with a teacher in their field to collaborate with. I got paired up with GCC grad, Shane Mills. I had actually already met him in August at a luncheon GCC hosted for the education majors. I'm really excited I got him because I really liked him back in August. He's a younger guy. I can't remember how long he's been teaching math but I'm pretty sure it's less than 5 years.

I emailed him earlier this week, and we've been in touch. We have to skype our virtual co-ops by February 1 (next Monday). I asked him about this, and he said since he only lives 45 minutes from GCC, he would be willing to drive out here to have a coffee with me in the student union and talk in person. I was really excited about this! We're meeting tomorrow at 1:00.

New Dolls

So, this obviously doesn't have to do with my schooling, but there have been improvements in the toy world that I have recently discovered.

First, there are new Barbies coming out. Instead of the regular, stick-thin but totally-out-of-proportion Barbie, there are new petite, tall, and curvy Barbies coming out very soon! I really like the curvy ones in particular. Though I was never a big fan of Barbies when I was little, it's still really cool seeing the new range of dolls coming out. They've also added more skin tones and ethnicities, too! I almost want to buy one! (They're only $10, that's fair, right??). I put in a Buzzfeed article about the dolls below, along with some pictures.

Petite Barbie

How cute this petite one is with the short hair! If only it was brown hair, I would definitely buy it as a mini-me! Love the outfit, too!
Big image

Tall Barbie

This one looks JUST LIKE ME (albeit with a bit longer hair). Why does it have to be tall, not petite?? It's so perfect!
Big image

Curvy Barbie

Not my favorite of the curvy Barbies, but I chose this one so you could see how it has a different body shape. I like that it's not stick-thin.
Big image
In addition to the new Barbies, I recently discovered there's a new historical American Girl doll! She's from the 1950's, and her name is Maryellen. While I never had a historical doll, I think the outfits for this one are adorable, especially the poodle skirt outfit! I probably would have wanted that one when I was younger. I still like looking at these dolls now. Admittedly, American Girl dolls are adorable. Maybe that's why I want a daughter... I subconsciously still want to play with the dolls and dress them up!

Look at that adorable pearl necklace!

Big image

Poodle skirt outfit

Big image

Dance Tonight

There's a dance tonight in Old MAP at 8PM. Old MAP is a room off the lobby area of South MAP (where the piano and big spiral staircase are in the front of my building). It's mainly used for formal events and dances. This dance is the blacklight dance, so I'm going to wear my black and white dress. The white designs should look neat under the black lights. I only found out about this dance yesterday from Megan. She really wants me to go with her. Tim said he would go, but then remembered he has to attend a recital at 7:30 and doesn't know how long he will be there. Megan should actually have to attend this recital, too, but maybe she will skip this one and go to another one. I don't plan on staying at the dance very long.


Also tonight, I'm going down to the apartments with Tim. I haven't met many of his friends, yet, but a lot of them live in the apartments. He spends a lot of time down there, and I've been invited down to go meet his friends. We will probably go down around 9:30.


I'm currently drinking a grande caffe mocha from the Starbucks in the Student Union. That's all I really had to say about that. Just thought you might like to know. :)


Lots of snow fell last night, and it's continuing to fall now. I hope it doesn't get much worse than this. I don't know if any snow fell at home recently. Let me know!


For my writing class, I had to read 2 essays and write a short 2-paragraph response to each of them online. I wrote my first response on Tuesday. I wrote the second one yesterday, but when I attempted to submit it online, I lost all my work because the website had timed out! Anna was in the room with me at the time, and since she had already taken this writing class, I asked her if she knew any way to get back what I had written. I couldn't get it back. She told me that I should write in Microsoft Word and then copy it to the online submitting section. Lesson learned, I suppose. As a side note, my second attempt at writing the response was not nearly as good as the first... I was just done with writing at that point!

Furry Friday

Today from 3:30-4:30 in the math suite, Dr. Thompson will be bringing in his 6-month old polydactyl kitten!!!!! I'm so excited to see it! I missed it last week when I went home, but I was at least with Lenny then. I am so excited to get to meet this kitten. His name is Andy. I hope he likes me!

Andy is so cute and fluffy!

Big image
He is a 6-month old Maine Coon kitten. He is polydactyl, having 6 toes on each of his front paws and 5 on each of his back. He is soooo fluffy! Can we adopt him as Lenny's brother?
Big image


My Valentine's Day dress came in the mail two days ago. I picked it up yesterday and tried it on. It fits a lot better in the top now. The only problem I have with the dress is that since the seamstress lifted the straps, now the armholes are a tad snug. It's still better than before, since now I don't have to worry about the top being too loose. I wouldn't be wearing it for a very long period of time, either, so I think I can deal with this. I'm excited to get to wear this dress when Tim and I go out for dinner at the Broad Street Grille on Sat. Feb. 13, and then to the dance afterward on the same day.