Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Party in a basket with Dove chocolates!!

We've all seen and tasted that exquisite dark and milky chocolate in the grocery store. Now, I bring to you the exclusive line of their sweet and savory items. The catalog to shop through has a little something for everyone. First, there is the ready to eat sweets, these are amazing for one's own stash or as a great gift. The baking mixes are of high quality and come in resealable pouch so you get multiple batches from them. A little coco to savor? Yes, Dove has done the unimaginable with coco and used this spice to make rustic dishes and dips. Lastly, how about some chocolate in that cup? Chocolate martini's or a spiced chia tea to end the night right.

A Note Just For YOU

Blue Valley library is always running top notch. I am greatly appreciative of each and everyone's dedication to my community library. Not only the service to use such resources but to actually be taught first hand how to use those tools online and even to help find my way through children's books so my home schooled third grade daughter comes home in pure joy with her wishlist fulfilled. The drive thru service is my grandest praise for those who know what the life of mini van, multiple toddler, mom life. Thank you all for being the best. I hope everyone enjoys the party in the basket. Please feel free to call, text or email if you have any questions or if you'd like to have the ultimate chocolate tasting party at home.