Greek Golden Age

What is Greek Golden Age

I think the term Greek Golden Age means ,a period of great peace ,prosperity ,and happiness. Zeus was a god that always tried to persuade this kind of lifestyle to his people and to the other gods. To many people this was their goal through life. And to other people this was the only way of life they have ever learned. So Zeus had a big impact on many people. Even today Zeus has a big impact on people because this is the way people are still living today.

Ancient Greece excelled in many areas. The first area Greece excelled in is religion. I think religion because Zeus was a very good god who always tried persuading people to use religion and people still use religion to this day. The second area Greece excelled in is there military. I think this because in Sparta young boys were taken from there family's to be trained to fight in war so they had a lot of experience. Another reason I think they excelled in military is because spartan women were expected to stay healthy and work out so that when they had boys their boys would be healthy and strong so they would be able to fight in war. The third area Greece excelled in is Democracy. I think this because Lycurgus and Theseus were both very smart when forming their governments giving certain people certain jobs. Those are the three areas Ancient Greece excelled in

Three individuals who excelled in Ancient Greece

There are many individuals who excelled in Ancient Greece. One of the individuals is Lycurgus. I think Lycurgus because he told the Spartans how to run a nation and that's what they did and it worked out well for them. The second individual who excelled in Ancient Greece is Solon. I think Solon because he did many things for the Athenian people. The first thing he did was reform the Athenian democracy and he also banned all export of agricultural products with exception of olive oil to result in no trading. The third individual who excelled is Zeus because everyone practiced his religious and he had a big impact on everyone back then.