Religion & Land of Growth

William Penn was the founder of Pennsylvania; he was a Quaker who wanted to escape England who wanted to leave England, to avoid what he did not agree with. His vision of Pennsylvania was a neat and organized colony, freedom of religion and reasonable living. His visions and ideas brought many Europeans over, but the amount and progress made his plans impossible when too many came over at a time.
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We were once in England living a forced life, unable to freely practice our religion. My family and I are Quakers. My father and brother spent some time in jail trying to defend us, and stand up for our beliefs. When my mother and father had heard all about Mr. Penn's discoveries over the Atlantic, they felt it would be the best for our family to make that move. We would have land to live on, to farm on, right by the creeks for fresh water! The right to practice our religion with no repercussions! It all sounded so wonderful, so perfect! Too good to be true. It was all a dream, all that we thought was guaranteed is gone. So many of us are now here. All expecting the same things, but not enough resources for all to fulfill it. Now I stay here working for those that had the opportunity.
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Of The People: A History of the United States Volume 1: To 1877 2nd Edition