Week of 9.15.14-9.20.14

What's going on in the classroom?

Last week we continued with our place value review. We also added in some rounding, and found we needed lots of work in this area. We also worked on subtraction with multiple regrouping steps. This is also an area where we need lots of practice.

This week's stations will focus heavily on rounding (3.NBT.1: Round whole numbers to the nearest 10 or 100) and subtracting with multiple regrouping steps (3.NBT.2: Fluently add and subtract within 1000 using strategies and algorithms, based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction.)

I have added some videos to our class website for rounding and subtraction. These videos are short and very helpful. So, if you find that your child is having difficulty with subtraction or rounding at home, please check out the videos.

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What will we be doing at home this week?

  • Working in ALEKS Learning Mode (from the pie) - about an hour of at home ALEKS Learning Mode work.
    *By Saturday at midnight, students should have 3 hours total (class time ALEKS Learning Mode AND at home ALEKS Learning Mode COMBINED).

    Be sure to check on your child's hours, relative progression (topics learned since last assessment), and topics per hour by clicking on 'Report' at the top of the ALEKS screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you will see your child's progress. Each student has a specific number of topics to learn for the week. This number can be found on the yellow sheet in their binder. Students need to reach this number in order to achieve their relative progression for the week. Students will be graded on their relative progression from this point forward.

  • *Please have children refrain from completing the topics in the multiplication slice. We will be starting on multiplication in a few weeks (or sooner, if we are ready). It is important that students fully understand the concept of multiplication and what it means to multiply before working in this slice. We will work heavily on this concept in the coming weeks.

  • 2 Sessions of ADDITION QuickTables (approximately 15 minutes per session)
    *choose to complete QuickTables sessions on two of the following days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday
    *Does not count as ALEKS Learning Mode time.

  • Sunday Review: This day is reserved for Review in order to prepare for the weekly assessment. Students should NOT be learning new topics on Sundays.
    *Simply click on 'Review' at the top of your ALEKS screen.

Games/Activities for HOME Use

Since we needs lots of practice with rounding and place value, I would like everyone to work on identifying place value at home this week. (You can also play the games I shared last week.)

Place Value Identification:

You can use a deck of cards (face cards and 10's removed) OR 7 dice for this quick activity.

*Students may use their place value notes found in their binders for this activity.

  • Start by turning over 2 cards (or rolling two dice).
  • Create the largest number possible from those two cards (or dice).
    Example: I roll two dice - a 2 and a 6. The largest number that can be made is '62'.
  • Now, ask your child which number is in the 10's place, and then which number is in the 1's place.
  • Continue practicing place value, but increase the number of cards (or dice) until you have 7 places showing.
  • Mix it up a bit and ask your child to identify the different place values up to millions.
    Which number is in the Hundred Thousands place? Which number is in the Hundreds place?