Raccoon News

November 1, 2018

Roosevelt Weekly Parent Info

Hello to all Roosevelt families! A few reminders for the week:

No School: There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, November 2, as teachers prepare for conferences. It's also Daylight Savings Time this weekend...so an extra day off and an extra hour of sleep. Should make for a fabulous week of learning next week!!!

Vision & Hearing is Monday, November 5: Each fall Health Services conduct Vision and Hearing screenings for students. Students in grades 1, 3, 4, 5, & 8 will have a vision screening and students in grades 1, 2, 3, 5 will have a hearing screening. Teachers or parents are always welcome to ask for screenings to be performed on specific students if there is a concern.

Impaired vision or hearing in children can contribute to the development of learning problems which may be prevented or alleviated through early identification and intervention.

Children with impaired vision often are not aware of their impairment; therefore, they do not complain or seek help. If they have always seen things in a blurred or distorted way, they accept the imperfect image without question. Children learn speech and language from listening to other people talk. If a hearing loss exists, a child does not get the full benefit of language learning experiences. With prompt referral and follow-up, children have an opportunity to receive appropriate, timely care and services, which lead to better health and educational outcomes.

If your child does not pass the vision and hearing, the parent will be notified with a referral letter. We, in Health Services, follow up on our referrals so we appreciate parents letting us know when the referral exam was completed and the results.

• Rocky Time: We are still working on what respect looks like, especially as it relates to saying OKAY and doing it right away. This week we taught students to STOP, THINK, and then ACT, and that by doing this, the odds of them being respectful go up. Your reinforcement of this idea would be great!

Conference Sign-Up: Be looking for this TOMORROW, Friday, November 2. Conferences will be held November 13, 15 & 19.

Have a great weekend, Raccoons!!

Ann Haggerty

Roosevelt Principal