Ida Wells

The way right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them

The young life of Ida Wells

She was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi in 1862. Her parents were former slaves. her mother was a famous cook. Her father was a skilled carpenter. she had 7 siblings. When she was 14 are parents and her youngest sibling died form yellow fever. Also at 14 she started teaching to kept the family together after their parents death. She kept on her education while she was teaching, she got it from Rust Collage. Later on she and her siblings moved to Memphis with there aunt to take care of the siblings.

Investigater Wells

She against segregation. She was a muckraker. She investigated lynches. When she was undercover she found out that 728 were killed a year. She exposed them by writing a book called Southern horrors. With that she got to travel around Europe to tell what happen in her investigation. When she was in England her bus was broken into and her typewriter was smash and was a note that said if you continue with your works on freedom with African Americans you will die. so she left England and went to Chicago.

Through Out Her Life

writing 101

South Horror

728 people killed each year. for no reason just because they are colored.

What happen to her?

well she movie to chicago because her typewriter was broken by someone and her life was on the line. She died from Kidney failure at the age of 68.

Ida B Wells - Anti-Lynching Crusader

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