Francisco Pizarro

Third Time's a Spell


  • He was given the title Governor, Captain, and General, which carried absolute authority in all the territories he might discover.
  • He conquered the Incas of Peru.
  • He founded Lima
  • He helped Vasco

The Impact on Life Today

The impact he left on life today isn't as big as Columbus or Ferdinand Magellan, but he still made a difference. For one, he made a way for the spanish to colonize there, which made it so that the majority of the country of Peru now speaks spanish. He also brought lots of gold, silver, and several precious rocks back to spain.
Big image HIST221: "The Spanish Conquest of the Inca Empire"

Fun Facts

  • Was born in 4171 in Trujillo Estremadura, Spain.
  • Died in 1541.
  • When he was young, he didn't know how to read or write.
  • He fought the people of Inca and got tons of gold.
Pizarro's Biography

Short Biography of the life of Francisco Pizarro - Explorer and Conquistador